Mistvale Keep, the symbol of a castle, or...

A giant  P3nls? Seriously, put your cursor over it, and tell me that doesn't look like a giant p3ins. (Reverse the three's, and you have an E.)


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Well Lady B, he HAS fooled the censors so far!

I've always liked Elaine's comment from that Seinfeld episode about the pool shrinkage -- something like  "I don't see how men even walk around with those things."

Well, that's true, but he could have used an asterisk to the same effect or just mistyped the word as he did in the second mention. I mostly took issue with the clue as if we were all dunces. I don't think that most of the posters here really needed a clue about the usage of a 3. It's rather like explaining what <3 means.  Oh, I guess I should say that Mistvale Keep on the map does indeed look suggestively like a private part of the male anatomy (I just call them collectively "the dangly bits". I read that in a book and liked it.) But, I will apologize for being snippy.

Did you think none of us could spell a 5 letter word with one letter changed? Phallic symbols are rife in games. Oh, use the dictionary if I confused you.

Oh my, reversing a three makes it look like an 'e'?