misson on the map T

The misson on the map T i went to it with Trevor, Franklin and Michael and nothing happened. Not sure if I have to go there at night or what? Does anyone know what mission im talking about and how do I start it or what i need to do? thanks...


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Some missions will not start unless you have collected items before hand. Ex rifles for a heist.

IM just gettin to that one I think, ill let ya know.

ok thanks! I have been stuck on this for days...

Sorry, this game is so odd, when you try and go a direction with missions but it decides different.


There are several group missions, do you know more about which your having trouble with?


Ive done 3 group missing in the past few days, been playing non stop allot.


I can say time of day can matter, ive had mission stop or fail, like the shooting coyotes from the motel top, it started to rain and non were around, the mission could not finish right.


Been a few where the person im suppose to be with, just walks off into no where, even killing them doesn't stop it.


more info on which one y our on, maybe ive missed it or not there yet?

missoin list I found if it helps member where your at.


"Oh and if you are a little special in the head then let’s be clear.. there be spoilers ahead with the mission names relating to parts of the game."


   Franklin and Lamar





   Marriage Counseling

   Daddy’s Little Girl

   Friend Request

   The Long Stretch

   Casing the Jewel Store

   Carbine Rifles

   Bugstars Equipment

   BZ Gas Grenades

   The Jewel Store Job (The Loud Approach / The Smart Approach)

   Mr. Philips

   Nervous Ron

   Trevor Philips Industries

   Crystal Maze

   Friends Reunited

   Fame or Shame

   Dead Man Walking

   Hotel Assassination

   The Multi-Target Assassination

   Hood Safari

   Three’s Company

   By the Book

   Did Somebody Say Yoga

   Scouting the Port


   Trash Truck

   Boiler Suits


   Tow Truck


   The Merryweather Heist (Freighter / Offshore)

   Blitz Play: Intro

   I Fought the Law

   Eye in the Sky

   Mr. Richards

   The Vice Assassination

   The Bus Assassination

   Caida Libre

   Deep Inside

   Minor Turbulence

   The Construction Assassination

   Paleto Score Setup

   Military Hardware


   The Paleto Score


   Monkey Business

   Hang Ten

   Surveying the Score

   Bury the Hatchet

   Pack Man

   Fresh Meat

   The Ballad of Rocco

   Cleaning Out the Bureau

   Reuniting the Family

   Architect’s Plans

   Fire Truck

   The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew / Roof Entry)

   The Wrap Up

   Reuniting the Family

   Doting Dad

   Legal Trouble

   Lamar Down


   Parenting 101

   Planning the Big Score



   Getaway Vehicle



   The Big Score (Subtle Approach / Obvious Approach)

   Something Sensible

   The Time’s Come

   The Third Way

I still could not figure it out at all...

Does anyone know what I should do?

"T" is Trever random job. Should work if you go there with Trever. I know you said that you did that but maybe you should try again.

I did try to go there again with trevor and nothing happened?...so I have no clue what to do..

Ive had a few go bad like I said and get stuck, killin myself or them somehow makes it restart.

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