How do you tell what missions are the main story? I see the different colored icons. But don't understand what the colors mean. Thanks in advance.

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If there is no question mark, it's a main mission. The different colors represent the different characters

franklin is green, micheal is blue, and trevor is orange. it shouldn't really matter, though, since if you don't have the right character it'll tell you to switch to whoever the mission if for.

The color of your icon on the mini map is the color for that characters missions. Exmpl. If you are Franklin your arrow and mission colors are green.

mann I am at a poeint where whenever I go over to a blue letter to do a mission, nothing triggers any missions and im just kinda wandering around doing nothing really until I can find a mission to do. I prolly have to switch characters again and ive been doing that all day too.

Sometime's you can go to a mission that is not your mission per say. Lets say you're  Franklin and there is a mission for Michael as Franklin you tag along with Michael on his mission.

Also keep in mind some missions and activities an only be done at certain times of day