Missions wont work? Please help!

I got SRTT last night and it was working fine, I played some missions and customized my guy and such, was epic. Today when I tried to do a mission i made the call and nothing happened! Yet even though no objective markers came up, no phone conversation occured, and nothing appeared on my GPS map it said I started the mission! So I existed the mission and retrid, and continued rettrying like 5 times. I quit the game and restarted and it still didnt work, it was the same thing. Though I found that the missions DO activate if Im in the Saints HQ Crib (the one with the pool/helipad). Help please? So I dont have to keep going to the HQ to start a mission.


Also, when I brough a helicopter to the HQ Heli pad (the STORK) it said 'press Y to add to garage', I hit Y and next time I went to the helipad to etrieve it it said I had no vehicles in it. Wtf? How does the stupid helipad/garage system work? Help with either of these problems appreciated, thanmks in adavance.


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