Mission Order for Secret Armory DLC

In which order should I do the missions for the Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC?  I tried doing the missions on Playthrough 2, but I ended up glitching up the mission through the Armory glitch.  I went back to Playthrough 1, but I don't know what missions I should avoid it glitching.  Any advice?  Any will be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry, I meant the mission you get from Athena, then the 2 other missions from Marcus.  All with the same objectives.  I'm trying to be cautious so I don't glitch any of the missions because of the infamous Armory glitch.  When you head into the armory, complete some of the objectives, but some of the others you can't complete.  Surely you must know about the glitch.  No offensive if you didn't.

Could define the glitching?

BTW, I'm not looking to farm in the armory using the floor glitch.  Just to be clear.