Missing Sounds and Ambience

Missing cave ambient sounds and probably a few others. Make sure the update addresses the missing sounds and ambience please.


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We still have them on the pc. Sometimes we don't get the rain sound when it's raining. Kind of nice at times but it's still a bug that needs to be fixed.

I'd be happy for them to just institute some sounds for the minecart. It seems silly to have a game where "mine" is part of the title and yet when you ride your minecarts it's silent as if muted. No sound on the rails or anything. Would be nice to hear some metal on metal or squeaky wheels or something.



I guess it is what it is until they move this game out of the beta stage officially. (I base that off the fact that all over Youtube, the videos showing the version of the game that is at the same stage as the Xbox version all state clearly "beta". So I'm guessing we've basically been sold a beta game until they update it and catch us up - hence the lack of sounds)


I did add my own sounds however so it has a monorail feel and sound to it.