Missing Seagull in TBOGT

I've followed every guide in the web and I still got one seagull missing, the second seagull at top of the skyscrapper by the corner. I don't remember shooting the seagull while doing the mission there.

does anyone know if there's a bug in it??


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You need to be more specific. Which building is it and what mission was it used for?

It's the building from yusuf mission, where you have to follow a guy to the very top of the tower, it looks like the empire state. /b

the building has two entrances after the mission, one is a base jump, the other entrance allows you to enter the "roof top" to climb the tower again

South east of the Club management mission

High Dive is the mission

Oh! Rotterdam Tower! Yeah; quite  good relation to the Empire State, as I'm very familar with NYC! Anyways, I have NOT gone after the seagulls, but I know that Rotterdam Tower is quite huge and has a lot of moving room. Hmm, my guess, but shouldn't the seagull be at the very top of the tower? Makes sense.

Hmm, you seem to only have two tags in your post. This will not gain too much attention. Since I can't help you any further I'll leave you with a nice suggestion: put more tags in your post. You should use some like "missing", "Rotterdam Tower", "High Dive", and spell out the words: (T)he (B)allad (O)f (G)ay  (T)ony. Hope this attrats someone with more knowledge than me.

Found it, it was a seagull under a bridge that I thought I had shot multiple times. I think I got killed while on a mission

Glad you found it. Topic Solved!!!