Missing "Bulletstorm" Achievements.

Hi all.  Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to the following example of missing (50g) achievements.

After recently finishing Bulletstorm on medium. I was confused to see that i hadn't been awarded the achievements for finishing the game for medium and easy difficulty levels.

The achievement list shows the white trophy symbol and up to that point i had had no problem with any achievements awarded.

One strange thing that happened towards the end of the game was when i cleared a swarm of those electric fly thingies (whatever the hell they are called).  It said that i had got rid of 1 out of 21; which was obviously not the case.

Its a bit of a point of principle now as i feel like ive been diddled so thought id throw it open and ask you guys for help/suggestions.

Looking forward to hearing any responses

Kind regards

Blue Zoo 67


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I don't know.  I know a lot of achievements glitch and want not though.  I would try www.trueachievements.com if you don't get a response you are looking for.  That site, and it's forums are all about achievements, and if someone hasn't already posted about it, I'm sure someone will help you in no time at all.  

Will take your advice.  Thank you Aftrthought051