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I logged in today to discover my high level Monk is not on the character select screen. My other characters are there, and under the "My Profile" tab on the main menu, it shows my highest level characters and shows a lvl 46 Monk. I just can't find him. The character select screen is showing my 5 lower level characters. It also says I have room for 5 more characters on my account. Which tells me that all existing characters are being displayed. I just played yesterday, and when I turned off my XBOX, he was there. I am finding extremely limited support for this issue. Blizzard redirects me to Microsoft, Microsoft has no Diablo 3 support. Any help on this issue that doesn't include "have you tried turning it  off and on again"  would be greatly appreciated. 


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Oh, man. Not cool.

Are you either playing on any other system other than your primary?  Or maybe the game or system could be corrupted? Possibilities that you might not played that certain hero for quite sometime or give the  360 system and/or game disk a good ol cleaning.

Hope either one helps!