Missing Halo Reach Armor

Why wouldn't they have carried over a lot of the Halo Reach armor options? The prosthetic limb, the larger shoulder pads, the commander helmet and shoulder pads, etc.  They all looked sweet.  Instead, only about less than half are in Halo 4 and everything else is a Transformer, Killzone/ Helgas, Ninja/ Samauri, Dead Space and Metal Gear Solid, Republic commando/ Storm Trooper compilation of armor.  What was wrong with actually looking Spartan, instead of everything else? Gees, there's even armor in the game that looks like freakin Yoshimitsu. So far, from the time I've played online, to the time it took to get to level 47, I'm stil only sporting the MKVI, because, it looks the most Spartan.  Next, would be the Recon helmet and Orbital stuff...the Warrior armor looks like a Transformer and as mentioned, there are numerous Gas Mask/ WWII/ Killzone/ Helgas stuff, and stuff that looks straight out of Ninja Gaiden or Samurai Showdown.  We're Spartan's not freak shows or every other video game/ movie concept.  Instead, maybe throw in the MKIV and MKV variation armor, on top of the stuff missing from reach. I don't even see Chiefs re-modified armor in the game, the closes you get is MKVI, but that isn't really what Chief is using if you look at the cutscenes and pictures of him.


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I think they look alright. This whole thing is pure opinion. It's like the whole "which genre of music is better" argument in the stupid youtube comments.

I'm glad I'm not the only one.  I was talking with a co-worker, an even bigger Halo fan than I am, about the bizarre look of the new Spartan armor 343 has come up with.  Some looks cool, others not so much.  There's still some traditional looking gear which I like.  Then I see some *** that looks more Covenant than UNSC.  Or like you said, 343 copied other game genres.

I get that they're trying to be original, this is their take on Halo and they want to do something different.  There's nothing wrong with that.  I just wish they could have also carried over some of the Reach armor as well.  I always liked the ODST shoulders I miss having those on my Halo 4 Spartan.

If anything, an option to import armor from Reach into 4 would have been awesome.