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Why does it say I am missing content everytime i boot up matchmaking? I have all the map packs already!


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Quick question about that: Do you also have Limited/Legendary Edition content, pre-order content, and/or Bungie Pro?

standard copy

Did you try deleting the Map Packs and downloading them again?

i have the same issue. i have the map packs. i have deleted and redownloaded them. i also cleared the xbox's cache but i still cant play the DLC. also i dont have bungie pro and i just have the standard edition halo reach.

doesnt it says you're missing recommended content? I still havent bough any of the dlc maps but still can play MM

It's because of the new Halo: CEA maps. Once you get those, it'll clear up.

It is damned annoying! I hope it clears up when I get my copy of CEA.

It's because of the Anniversary Map Pack.

Yeah, I have had many people ask, and as everyone said, it's cause of Anniversary.

I have Anniversary (pre-ordered) and played on that yesterday, that fixed it for me.

So, either re-download or hit the store for Anniversary.

So ya i have all three map packs but non of them are showing up in custom games or matchmaking. I know they worked i played on them before, till my gold ran out then about three months later i got a year gold card put it in went to play halo reach and its just not showing up. before that i used to watch my vids of matches i had and when i tried to watch them and it just says I'm missing recommended downloadable content. Ive re-downloaded them countless times deleted and downloaded them agin but they just will not show up is there anyone who can help me out, I'm pretty sure that i license transferred them on my new xbox but ill have to wait a month to see if thats the problem but it should not be i played the maps before on this Xbox so ya any help would be much appreciated.