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Im a new era muscle car fan and noticed no new 5.0 mustang, also how come no manufacture ralley stripes for new camaro? Challenger SRT 8 has em as well as Shelby, Forza 3 had them....

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They probably keep some nice cars for future dlc... somekind of sad but this is how it goes these days... you buy like 80% of a game and you have to pay later for new content(the other 20%).

Just do the stripes yourself. From what I've seen (in all the Forza installments) it looks like the factory designs are simply designs done with the same editor as in-game anyway. Most of them don't look all that great... Some look downright horrible. Personally, I'd rather not have them, as you can't change their color once it's been chosen.

OG Pooh has it right. Unfortunately you'll have to just use the generic shapes (the square can be stretched into a rectangle though), and then you can build up the stripes for the car. It might take some time to do, but when you're done you'll be able to get a stripe design with any colors you'd like. You can therefore go for a color scheme that isn't offered as standard.

Have you actually seen what the Paint Editor is capable of in Forza 4?  Obviously not.  You can also re-paint ANY vehicle whatever color you want using the Paint Editor.