Misleading promotional advertising & illegal retaining of credit card details

I cannot be the only one who has fallen for yet another Too-Good-To-Be-True Xbox Gold subscription offer, only to find MS deducting ^ times the amount I agreed to from my bank account.

Then refusing to pay the money back because their terms and conditions say they can fleece your personal bank account.

I have always thought it was illegal for someone to retain your credit card details without the cardholders permission but when I have tried to remove them, I am not allowed to do so, and if you talk to support, they fob you off and ignore you.

If MS cannot make sales in an  honest and above the board manner, they should be be fined. And if they think it is OK to hold on to people's card details and take money from their accounts that was not agreed (I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR (mod removed) T&Cs), someone should go to jail.


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Sorry man, but your whole post is a fail especially the last sentence. You agreed to their Terms and Conditions. This isn't just a MS thing either. It happened to me with other companies in the States as well as here in Ireland as well as the 3 other countries I lived in and subscribed to something.


I get that you are frustrated, but you agreed to the terms and hopefully read the small print.


The best thing you could say in their defense is that I fell for their sales scam.

But you have to question the morality of a company who cannot make sales without being totally above board and clear about what their offer is.

And then not return your money when it is blatantly obvious that you feel mislead. They clearly have no respect for their customers and only care about how much money they can take from your account 'legally'.

You know, Sony don't behave like this. They try tempt custom by doing great deals and giving value for money.

If you join their PLUS service you get access to a whole bunch of triple AAA full games for FREE. And they don't start charging you afterwards. You have to actively choose to renew. Not some sneaky hand in your back pocket way of lifting your wallet.

This is the same as people who put that blurb on facebook about "you do not have permission to share" as if it voids the T&C that they signed.  Sorry man, it doesn't seem right, but you're f*#@ed.

[quote user="HappyKilmore7"]You know, Sony don't behave like this.[/quote]

Really?  You know what the first thing they did after they resolved the whole account breach issue?  They changed their ToU to prevent anyone from suing them if their system gets hacked again.

By the way, it's not a "scam" when they tell you what they are doing.  Try reading the small print next time. 

fair point to be annoyed but i don't believe they refused to remove your credit details after phoning them, they have to. Also, why does everyone always play the 'Sony don't behave like this' card? Is everyone on here moaning a massive Sony Fanboy? Sony may not do that but Sony don't  mind your details being stolen ;)

can't you just call your credit card and tell them you don't want MS charging you anymore? your credit card company should be able to stop this at their end for you.

call your credit card company and tell them all the things from xbox were fraudulent and they will backcharge MS you will most likely be banned for it though at the very least not be able to play live with that account.