MISFIT ACTUAL (MxA) Gaming Community

Hello my name is MxA KILO from Misfit Actual.

Misfit Actual is a XBOX only community recruiting for Blacks Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Ghost Recon, and Gears of War.  We also play many other games as a communty and are always willing to open new squads for titles that members show interest in.


Misfit Actual is a gaming community that puts its members first while keeping the atmosphere competitive, yet fun. Our community is not huge and we have no desire to grow into another mega-clan. We feel that if you get too big it becomes impersonal.

 Many of our members have a military background and all of us have busy lives outside of our community.  MxA is our place to relieve stress and have fun with friends.  Real life will always come first and the people you meet in MxA are the kind of people who will be there for each other.

Misfit Actual is looking for new members who have a desire to play with like-minded gamers and be a part of a community to share the gaming experience with. In MxA, you will not be just another number to boast about, but a valued and important part of the community. So if you want to see what we are about, come check us out.

What we offer:

1: Structure and Support

2. Fully functional website with rosters, points system, and a great forum system.

3: A military style rank system with opportunity for advancement.

4. Mature, Respectful Members and Staff

5. Welcoming atmosphere to all players.  Casual or Competitive.


Discussion Info

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We have a need for members whoare interested in helping out with the media team.  Writing game reviews, submitting videos, etc.

we sometimes stream liveon twitch.tv  

Channel : Misfit_Actual

We need a few serious COD players for a competitive team.

If you are a Battlefiled player then add our servers to your favorites listand come play with us.  Search Misfit Actual or MxA

We need some Cod players to help fill out a competitive squad and there isa lways room for casual players as well.

Our moshpit squad has members who want to play various game titles and are not interestedin being competitive.



Many of us will be playing The Division and Destiny when they come out and of coarse BF4 and COD- ghosts