misery loves company.

   I love this challenge.


   I noticed yesterday that I hadnt completed it yet since i prefer semtex over frags. But I decided to go for it in ffa on hardhat.


   I completed the challenge quickly ...... but I couldnt stop there. It wound up being about the only thing I did the whole match. I was laughing so hard I was about to fall out of my chair.


   The odd thing about it though is that I have trouble knifing. But I wasnt having hardly any trouble running up behind people holding a grenade.


   My k/d was pretty bad for the match. I think I went like 12/20+ but it was the most fun I've had in a while.


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The best is doing it for the game winning kill. I did it once on mw2 and the guy I killed was pissed, yet EVERYONE else was pissing their pants laughing. Quite possibly the funniest moment playing that game, and I've had quite a few.

I just might do this in the clan ops later today. I wonder if you can survive the explosion with ballistic vests and/or blast shield equipped? I'll let you guys know how it goes. :D

Funniest moment? Teabaggin the last man standing on the other team and tagging him for minute, he plants then I Ninja Defuse. That had everyone in the match laughing for half an hour.

My current set-up is a 1887 range, smaw, and c4. Drives them batty. MLC is so entertaining though, just haven't wanted to give up my C4 in a-while...

I haven't doen that challenge this time around yet. I remember having the hardest time doing it on MW2. I would be behind someone cooking the nade and someone would shoot me in the back or someone on my team would kill the guy I was trying to. But yes, it is funny as hell when you can pull it off.

   ^^ Thats how I always did it before, and had the same issues. This time I went all out with it. I had my running class equipped and whenever I heard gunfire I'd try to time it just right, whip out a nade and run straight for the gunfire. .... and kept doing over and over.

    I blew myself up without an enemy a few times, a few times I timed it just right and just got in range of him just as it went off, and several times ( though this doesnt count ) blew up the enemy after he killed me.

  I think there was only 2 or 3 times that I had to stop to wait for it to go off.

  Stuns make it easier too. Throw a stun and get a hitmarker, you know that you can at least catch him. ........ I kinda hate that, it seems no matter what class/setup I use, i can never run fast enough to catch people.