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Okay, i'm on my 2nd playthrough, but for some reason I didnt import my charecter from my first playthough? Anyway's, I just finished Jack's loyalty mission, and miranda and jack are at eachother's throats, well I didnt get a paragon, or renegade coversation option. So, I picked the hottie, and now Jack is pissed at me. I lost her loyalty. My question is, do I have to go all the way back prior to her mission, or is there anyway I can gain back her loyalty moving forward? My whole point of playing throug a 2nd time is to keep everybody alive through the final mission, and I know if somebody isnt loyal, they will die. Also I am trying to bone down Miranda, how do I do this?


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Well as far as getting to sleep with Miranda, you just have to talk to her in between missions and always pick the flirty answers.  Just before the final mission you'll get your opportunity to sleep with her (before omega 4 relay).

I don't think it's possible to get Jack's loyalty back.  If you'd have taken Jacks side in the argument you would have had a Paragon/renegade option to bring Miranda's loyalty back up. (think it requires 100% Para/rene)

Finally I don't think everyone HAS to be loyal to survive, not really sure how this works.  I just know you have to pick the right people for the right jobs on the final mission.

This subject came up recently and there were different philosophies as to how to get around this.  Personally, I waited to do one of the two (Miranda/Jack) loyalty missions until later in the game when I had enough Paragon points to unlock the conversation option to "peacefully" end the dispute.  Once you've lost their loyalty, I don't believe that you can win it back.  Always do a "Normandy Save" before doing any missions so that you don't find yourself in a corner.  As far as "boning down" Miranda, I wouldn't touch her with The Normandy's Thanix Cannon...:-)

regaining miri or jack's loyalty is as simple as talking to the jilted crew member immediately after their catfight. watch this vid, after 2m it covers every way the conflict can be resolved [[View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQG3qRjqmbc]]

Tip to anyone who faces this problem, always side with Jack if you don't get the p/r option. The reason for this is that Miranda can survive the SM even if unloyal but Jack can't.


The same goes for the Tali/Legion fight - side with Tali.



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The same goes for the Tali/Legion fight - side with Tali.



Here's cool little loop-hole about Tali's and Legion's argument. When it comes time to confront legion and Tali but you don't get the paragon or renegade option ALWAYS side with Tali. Once the conversation is done go and talk to legion and tell him that you lied to Tali and Legion will tell you he understands the logic in lying to her and you will gain legion loyalty back pretty cool huh


Not every one has to be loyal, only the people that you select for a certain job have to be loyal.

also if you want to know a way to get both loyal very easily, look for my thread about it, it should be close to the front of the posts, i made it today, (July 5th)

Red Son, thanks for that video, that should answer it for everyone. I have played through this game at least 10 times, and I had no idea you could do that. I only have one character that just can't seem to get the Red/Blue Option, that was very helpful.