(Minor Spoilers) Typical Dragon Treasure?

Not sure if my game is typical or not, but just wondering what most players get from random dragon kills?


You would think since they are so hard to kill, their loot would be a reward for the difficulty!


But, aside from the Dragon Soul, all I get is a few of the arrows I shoot at it, a few hundred  gold and maybe a gem if I'm lucky.


And the experience?  I'm playing on Master difficulty and am at level 37, but it seems that I get more experience for killing a vampire than one of these beasts!


Anyone else notice this?


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I sometimes find an enchanted weapon or armor in the dragon chests, along with 250-300 gold on average I'd say. A lot of times though there will be some steel armor and gold and that's it.

Bones/Scales = Dragonplate = free 1500 or so dollars?

There are also always master chests with dragons and word walls that have good stuff in them. U may have to look around but they are always there!

Since when do you get experience for killing something anyways? (except for the exp you gain when increasing your skills in the fight^^)

You gain experience of knowledge on how the enemy movement is and what to bring for preperations :)

And if i do may add, they are tough foes after level 30, cause as soon as that level spike of 30 came and enemies became variated like fallout ( awesome btw ) Being on Normal plays like the game is on hard/insane from the get-go.

Last 2 dragons on my new Imperial are actually pretty rewarding hense the perks imperials have of always finding more gold, Each dragon was dropping roughly 250-500 gold, and 1-5 dragon scale/bones as always, but yeah there would be them times where it would drop like, Steel shield of regeneration or something