(Minor Spoilers) Longest in a Dungeon?

Where they get the numbers of one hour per dungeon???


I just spent 2.5 hours in Angarvunde!   Was starting to go stir crazy!


How long have you spent underground?


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Was that your time or game time? I just finished the dwemer dungeon under Markarth and from the time I went in to kill the spider Until I came out having found all of the lost expedition was 5 hours of my life. Of course I had to do the spider twice because Nimhe caught me by surprise the first time and I did report to Calcelmo but I went back in immediately so it was all one session. One reason it went slow was that I could get the Falmer in one-hit kills with my bow if I was sneaking and that way I mostly could keep them separated which is always a good thing since they are vicious.  I had to burn a couple of groups, though. In game time it was two full days underground.

Well there is something to look forward to :)

Labryinthian. Took me about 3 hrs. I was super low level, i'd be able to sweep it now.

hahaha...oh yeah...those darn dwemer sure could build a dungeon!...I always feel a twinge of dread whenever I hear "dwemer ruin" in quest dialogue now....I know I'm gunna be busy for a looong time


now I know how the falmer ended up how they are!