Minor Forge Issues, any Advice???

I'm having a problem with my Forge created map running as a custom game, despite having been specifically designed for Capture the Flag.  I'm not sure of the restrictive protocols for Flag Poles and Recovery Plates, other than one per team for the simplest form of Ctf, so if anyone has an idea of why the map won't load up, let me know.  I'm currently sharing the "Master Map" with all the doo-dahs that I'm currently pruning to make specific for each type of play as apparently, I can't have all types mixed on one map either.   I would really like to see the map run properly, and not just under the Forge, so I'm open to any suggestions as to why the thing won't work.  Thanks!     -JSA Gen Dozer


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I may know your problem. If you wouldn't mind, I could come and edit your map so that it will work properly. (or at least try)

it be cause of your internet connetion cause i had that same problem and all it was bad internet

[quote user="freephebus55"]

it be cause of your internet connetion cause i had that same problem and all it was bad internet

[/quote] Lol? Internet has nothing to do with what he's asking.

ya i think so to that is what everone is saying

Capture plates are not necessary for CTF. In Forge, load the map and make sure the gametype is NOT basic editing. It needs to be whatever CTF variant you're adjusting the map for. You need at least 2 flag stands (one for each base, if it's multiflag or one flag). Then you must edit the properties of them. Go into the "Advanced" settings and change their profile to "CTF_FLAG_RETURN".

Hey i can do it i have a mic and i am a professional halo forge mode map creator. i have been creating maps in forge on halo games for 5 years now. if you want to see some of my work just message me on Xbox. my gammertag is AHP PHANTOM. i have gone to video game creating and designing classes. and i have be in the video game creation companies such as Raven. so if you are interested just message me.

I don't know if you're still having problems, but I'd suggest doing what "Noble 29" said, and if that doesn't work, you could post it in your file share and let me know, and I'll try seeing if I can find out what's wrong.