Mini-Review AC II

SPOILERS... if you did not complete the game and do not want your game ruined, do not read.


OK, I wanted to reserve my review of this game until I was completely done, having gone 1000/1000 with all 50 Awards complete and 100% done from Claudia's Accounting Book.  Believe this is one of the best games I have played, and it was addicting to stay with it for 50 days, and probably over 100 hours.  I also completed the DLC Battle of Forli and Bonfire of the Vanities and they add more fun to the game.  I think there is something here for all, whether you enjoy brute force combat, stealthy assassins, races, fights or jumping in 6 assassin's tombs (and 3 templar lairs if you get the DLC Bonfire with the Collector's edition add-on).  The game seems like a living Renaissance world, beautiful graphics and the music adds great atmosphere.  I would give this game a 9.9 or of 10, with my complaints only minor but worthy of mention.

- The Races were tough to complete, most took me dozens of attempts to win, but the gratification of winning them pays you back.  May be tedious for some, but the music is awesome while you try to make that last gate.

- The Feathers: Need to collect 100 to get a nice prize but I found this way to tedious and some of the locations where the feathers were located were incredibly difficult, such as stuck to a window three stories up that you need to be virtually next to to see it.  It was not worth it, but if you are a completist on awards, go for it.

- Some of the talking during battles, especially with Borgia at the end is difficult to understand as you are fighting not talking.  I got most of what he was saying, but he sounded like a raving looney. Also, the end game with the spirit, she was hard to undestand with her echo voice.  I got the jist also, but may have missed some explanations.

- The Glyph puzzles seem to be programmed by someone else and aside from the "Apple theme" is completely different game within a game. I solved them all with no help, but some of those circular painting puzzles were tedious and frustrating.

- OK, there is much violence, some extremely graphic in the kills, and some swearing, almost comical.  I know this game is rated M+17, but I don't get why heavy violence and language are prevalant, but the nudity is muted.  In one scene, Eve runs with Adam, and you will notice neither have realistic features in the breasts and butt, so why couldn't that be in there too?  I am not talking adult film here, but there is more in a G movie.  

- Sorry, I was let down when Ezio does not kill Borgia, he went through a dozen conspirators and I killed probably thousands of guards, why the sudden turn around at the end?  I would have finished him off. 

I am moving on to Brotherhood next week, maybe I will see some of you online.  Happy hunting!



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Ezio's brother Pettrucio liked to collect feathers, not sure if he had any reason.  I remember he had some mental disability, which makes it especially henious that he was executed with his father and brother.  There are two prizes, one it comforts Maria and gets her out of her depression. She will stop praying and get up and sit on the bed.  When you collect the 100th feather, she gives Ezio the "Auditore Cape" (2nd prize) which when you wear it makes you notorious in every town/city except Monterrigioni. I guess it advertises you as an assassin and the guards immediately will attack you, so you must fight or blend in.  There is another achievement tied to wearing the Auditore Cape in every city, including the mountains.  By the way in AC Brotherhood, you only collect 10 feathers, I have 5 already!  But in Brotherhood you need to collect over 100 Borgia flags instead.  

Good for you. I beat it earlier but did not try to complete everything. I have a wife that makes me rush through games. Anywho.... Why was the kid collecting the feathers? Do you ever find out? Also, what's the prize? The kid collecting feathers sounds a lot like the joke about "little blue ping pong balls".

Wow, my estimates were pretty close. According to the Assassin's Network I played AC II for 94 hours (yes, I pulled every feather and gathered every treasure, every DNA memory except 1 secret area).  Enemies killed 1640.