Minesweeper doesn't start anymore

 Win 8 Version 6.3 Build 9600. / HP Pavilion

Hi. The Problems began 3 days ago. The game started to Crash in the daily adventures. Suddenly, it didn't start anymore. It Shows the second Screen (minesweeper on the left side, Name of the game on the right side, Arkadia games). Nothing more happens. The menu right side does work, but when I try to return to the game, it crashes.

It doesn't happen with other games (solitary, Taptiles).

Thanks a lot.


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Have you checked for and installed any available Windows updates? That usually fixes this kind of thing.

AUtomatic update is activated, no more updates available. It seems as it did not work.

Rebooted several times.

Same sort of problem. With me, doesn't even display the Arkadia logo. See also here: forums.xbox.com/.../4554231.aspx

It apparently is not confined to Minesweeper. Looks like a serious server-side bug that freezes the xbox apps.

Hi! I uninstalled it and installed again, and now it works.

Wish you a nice Weekend.

Glad to hear it! SnugSugar, are you able to load now too?