Not to long ago I saw my bro playing Minecraft on XBLA so over the past day or so but all I seem to get is some movie about it and an overview, is it possible for me to download or has it been removed from the market place? I would also like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum.


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Well, did you ask your "bro" where he got it from?

The game has not been released yet for the 360.

He was probably Playing fortress craft or total miner


yeh I side with Sam on this one.

Yea bud, I don't think the game releases until mid-spring of this year. As said before, he was probably playing Fortress Craft or Total Miner Forge.

Either that, or he did the trick where it "looks" like your playing any game that you want it to say.

Oh ok :) I'll see if that is the case today since I am going over to my parents house to help paint. Thanks for the help

Sounds like the fortress craft. Oh well May 9th is the Magical day.

I hope they decide to release it earlier with all the people wanting it now

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[quote user="AJlBass"]

Sounds like the fortress craft. Oh well May 9th is the Magical day.

[/quote]No, fortresscraft sound like minecraft which sounds like infiminer which sounds like another video game which sounds like building blocks.


This is a game genre. Don't understand why people think these games are all copying each other.