Hello, I am Lt Vampire13, My Xbox Live Right now Ran out, but I Will be Buying Gold Again on my Next Payday so Do not Worry.

Our Current Clan consists of 8 Members, All go on Both Minecraft Xbox360 Edition & Black Ops 2 (Zombies & Multiplayer)

We are "Team ZERO" which Stands for Zombie Emergency Responds Operations.

Minecraft Xbox360 Edition Projects: 
We have Managed to Create a World Strictly ment to Get us All The Achievements (Pure Survival Hard)

I Personally am Working on an Adventure Map called "The Crucible" which Will consist of a lot of Additions then Most other Adventure Maps.

We are Also Working on a Competition Between "Lines of Defenses" and Redstone Use for War, This Map will each have 1 life and have to Use all Of our Abilities to Kill Eachother. 

Black Ops II Zombies: 
We are Just Trying to Gain ourselves to The Top of The Leaderboards on Every Map within our Friends Lists, as well as completing all Easter Eggs in Each Map, and Assist eachother With Achievements.

Black Ops II Multiplayer: 
We are Working on Having All Guns Turned Diamond, and all Maintaining Prestige Master. We Work as a Well Based Clan with Clan Operations As well and The Occassional Clan Battle.

Modern Warfare 3: 
Our Clan Was created after Black Ops 2 came out, but we have a very select few members who still play Modern Warfare 3, if you are interested in our tribe to continue its Funds in Modern Warfare 3 Please be Sure to let me know.

Clan Youtube, Website & Funds:
Yes we have a Clan Youtube Page, Currently no Videos as Our Clan is working on Getting 3 PVRs for Myself, and My 2 Other Administrators

Yes we have a Black Ops 2 Website, www.blackops2zero.webs.com it is still currently needing some work.

Yes we have a Clan Bank Account Set up, This Bank Account uses its funds for Prizes on Competitions within the Clan, and Help Keep all our Members within Gold Status and Keeping all our Members with All Map Packs, These Funds are Strictly Under My Watch and my 2 Administrators Watch and Nobody else has Access to these.

This Account is to Ensure that we can Keep our Clan Running, We have Earned Money from Donations from Clan Members and Ourselves, Selling Minecraft Maps we have Created, and Clan Operation Bets with Other Clans.

For Black Ops 2 we have Participated in a World Wide Competition Located in Ontario, Canada (we are Members from United States, United Kingdom, and Canada)
We placed 3rd out of the Competition which earned us $2,000 as a 4 Member Team at the Time. We Plan to Participate in More of these Competitions which Clan Fundings will help get each of the Participating Members to Travel to these Competitions.


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I would like to join too.

I play minecraft,cod bo2,

I Would like to join.

Add my GamerTag@ Daron407

Im getting the new DLC Uprising.

i would like to join add me on xbox gamertag is The Renagade32