Minecraft XBLA Multiplayer Destroyed With Lag!

If you are the host, everything is fine, but if you join someones game, after a few mins, you start to lag BAD!  Blocks that you have already mined will reappear.  Takes a few seconds to pick up mined blocks, even when your standing on top of them...  You can hit someone in the game with you & the action wont happen for them for SEVERAL minutes later.  MP is just completely useless & broken in this game. 

Mojang, 4J, if by some weird chance your reading this, Please fix this. 



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I seem to rarely have troubles in MP..maybe it's your connection

-awaits response on how it possibly can't be your connection that's causing this lag.-

It can't possibly be my connection causing the lag...  LoL

Nah but really it could very well be, but considering I have ZERO connection issues in all other Online Games & all of my friends have complained about the same issues, I think it is a little more than just crappy internet causing the issues.

if all of your friends are playing with you, then the commonality is, some people in that group have crappy connections.

don't discount that by crappy connection, we don't mean dial up.  You could be paying for a fast connection, but getting poor service

Additionally, the game will be constrained by each player's upload speed.  download speeds are super fast.  But unlike an FPS where the map remains the same and everybody has the same map data on their local system, MC has to transmit the entire map and any changes to all clients.  That means using Upload bandwidth, which is typically 1Mb/s.

I play constantly with five other people. One of my team mates has a 2nd Xbox hosting the world on his basic cable Internet speed. On a rare occasion the are problems but when I leave and come back everything is fine. We play every night and non of us have problems that a quick exit and return doesn't fix. There is rampant use of pistons and large scale builds on this world as well. Prior to this situation as of a week ago we took turns hostng with the same positive results. So.... Sounds to me like it's ether you or you host. Sorry you've been having trouble, perhaps try and trouble shoot things on your end, you may actually fix the problem.

ok i generally play on my own and have not had any problems untill tha 1.7.3 update were its beggining to lag i even created new world and same thing i get lag this must have something to do with the update as it was fine efore hand