Minecraft World Distribution/Sharing

I'm looking for an official response to this question:

Would there be consequences for distributing worlds created in Minecraft with the intent of having multiple people host community run events without building their own worlds from scratch?

I know there are ways to take a save from my 360 and back it up on my computer. I've always done this for games I no longer play should I decide to come back to them one day, while freeing up space on my HD for more content. I'm not going to describe the process but using the same tools it is also possible to distribute save files for use on any profile. What I aim to do is not to fraudulently award achievements or rewards to players taking part in my events. I only wish to distribute the maps so that other players can host the same event without having to put in countless hours in preparation. Ideally, I'd like some sort of tool to upload the world data to a server that can then be downloaded by other players, similar to the Rock Band store.

My ultimate goal is to provide players with various games designed within maps such as PvP arenas, dungeons and team based objective games. Again, not to provide easy to obtain achievements, rewards and not for personal gain.I will also be going to the developer forums to ask if the functionality could be added in a title update.

Yes, I do understand that technically this isn't allowed, what I'm wondering is if Microsoft will devote the resources to taking action against myself and any of those who would help me.


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How do you find a seed (from your world) to share?

Provide a seed and then have all your friends build the same thing then.

ok that just killed it for me!   I mean if what your all saying is true!

I was litterally going to buy this game thinking i would be able to create NEW  worlds froms crtahc and share them!.. Also thginking that i would be bale to see other (not on my freind list) peoples creations they have created.  just to see what other poepel can and have done with  with Minecraft!..  i know thats possible with the PC version   now that i read  here that you CAN NOT  do that with the xbox edition then that really killed it... 1200 Points would defitnaley be worth it , if it was able to share and play shared worlds!!..  but i now i dont think it is!  :(

I would really like to see an option to share worlds so you and your friends could work on the same world rather than always being dependent on the original owner/host to be online.

Private, always-active server would be the best way to go but even if that cannot be accomplished they could setup some kind of cloud share in-game. It could allow you to upload your saved world to the server and then allow anyone you grant access to check it. So if you were not online, but your other friends are, they can still play in the world. They would check out the world and download it from the cloud share. Then host if from their Xbox. The locker could keep the world status as checked-in or checked-out as to only allows one editable copy to be in use at any one time. To avoid friends kicking friends the game could be setup so anytime you are working on a checked-out map it automatically puts the game to online and invites everyone from the access list.

I wish there was a feature where we could upload our worlds to a server or something similar where other people can download it and improve it.

I had a feeling that would be the case.

I've sent e-mails to the devs, maybe if I can get enough interest going we can release some of these as DLC maps.


Well thank you gentlemen.

You have to use a modding program to get the save off of a memory stick in the first place so no, not allowed.

If it's against the rules, it's pretty clear what will happen. Any form of modification can and will have actions taken against it, even if it's to help something. If it's technically not allowed, I wouldn't do it. Sorry. I know the idea sounds good and all, but it's their policy.