Minecraft: Won't let me look around? Help?

I just bought Minecraft for the XBOX, after playing the demo, and for some reason, I am not able to view around me. The right stick is used to view around you but it doesn't seem to be working. I have tried different controllers and get the same results. I played a few different games to see if it was broken for all, and the right stick works for all of them. I tried Halo, COD, and Skyrim

It seems MineCraft is the only game that is giving me a problem.

Any suggestions on how to fix? Or a place to find the answer?

Clicking the RS for Crouching does work... but rotating the stick to view doesn't.



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Delete the game from your HDD, and reinstall.

Reset you settings.

the same thing has happened to me

I am having that problem too, but only as the second player on split screen. Switched controllers, switched from first to second player, used wired VS wireless, tries different games.

It only happens in Minecraft, and only with my account. Not being able to rotate makes it unplayable. Help!

EDIT: Will uninstalling it cause me to lose my world?

lol. All of my in-game sensitivity settings were set to 0% for some reason. The controls, the sound, the music, everything.

Fixed now. Must have happened during an update or some such.

i tryed that and it didnt work what else can i do

this is an old forum but it just helped me out. the update messed up my  in-game sensitivity settings like dude above said ^^ thanks !!!!!! i can play now.