Minecraft- Wolves?

Hey. So I recently started Minecraft on the Xbox and in the seed I am using I cannot find any Wolves. I was hoping to have a companion to follow me on my Journey. Anyway I was wondering if anyone could check to see if they can find ANY Wolves in this seed. The seed is 1932990914085733975. Again if you can find any wolves please tell me the area in which you found them (Desert,Forest?)


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Oh I also forget to mention there seems to be no Arctic/Winter area in the seed.

hey wolves spawn in forest biomes so maybe setup your camp in a forest to try and find a few.  I would try looking around as the suns going down as they seam to spawn more then, make sure you have plenty of bones to tame them.  also if you see/hear a sheep being attacked or see dropped wool you didn't drop look around for the wolf/wolves that killed them good luck.

Hmm. Thanks for the advice. Gotta find some Redstone so I can make a compass to find a way back home afterwards!