Minecraft vs. Terraria

I became a fan of Minecraft when it released on Xbox Live for all the reasons that most people love it; I even got the PC version as well. However, this past week sees the release of Terraria on Xbox Live, which is a game that for me anyways, is just as addicting - I picked it up & have played it for nearly 48 hours this weekend. Now, the similarities for both games are there & can't be denied, but both games are also different in many ways. So, I ask you to share with me what those similarities & differences are as well as which game you prefer & why (& yes, I realize many of you will probably be biased towards Minecraft). Please do so respectfully & with a modicum of actual thought. If you have not tried Terraria yet, I highly recommend you download the free trial from the Xbox Live Arcade - it allows you to play through the tutorial.


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I like both in their own way. Each has their own perks and their own faults. Can't really say I like one more than the other, really.

I'm the same way, but I'd still like to hear what others think. Speaking of which, thanks for your input - think you could add the why part?

I like Minecraft for mainly building items and fleshed out town and more. The survival aspect of it seems more fun if you want a more realistic and basic approach. As for Terraria, I enjoy being able to venture out to find new weapons, items, armor, and keep updating my house or gear. The random points of action certainly keep you from getting bored, easily. A few times now, I've ended up coming home to a goblin army attacking or finding myself warding off demons and more while hanging above a pit of lava. Hard to choose a favorite. Just really depends on my mood.

I enjoy both as well. The Minecraft I wanted when I got it on XBLA the day it came out was just not the same without the Ender Dragon. I will surely come back after the TU.   Terraria has my attention at the moment though. 4 Meteorites have landed in the past 4 nights! Time to get the rest of the Meteor Armour. For me Minecraft is last on a long list of titles that even resemble Terraria. It is more of an RPG.

I can't do Terraira because it's 2D.  Add bobblie head, googlie eyes, floppy feet, give them a big red nuclear button to press, and it's Maple Story.

I prefer Micecraft because it's 3D. I played Terraria on my console and the control is very difficult.

^^ Yeah, I can vouch for the controls - they are a little difficult, but it shouldn't take more then 30 min. of game time to get used to it. Don't let the controls hinder the experience! They actually are intuitive once you figure it out.