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The Minecraft Update Totally Sucks, All they did was take away the ability to glitch blocks. Though the mining is fun and I still did it, when your trying to build something that takes alot of the same block it was nice to be able to just glitch some. If they are taking away the glitching then they should have at least given something in return, like creative mode for example. I think it's messed up that the players on Xbox 360 payed more than the people who have the PC version and the PC players have way more stuff, can glitch blocks, and they got it for less. If the company doesn't put out a dlc soon or an update giving something in return for what they have taken away I will no longer be a minecraft customer and will be telling my friends that it's a waste of money to buy this game.


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Glitches smitches, I have CLAY!

I was a little bummed about the dup glitch being gone but geez.... it is called a glitch for a reason.

You write that "...the players on Xbox 360 payed more than the people who have the PC version..."  There is so much wrong with that sentence.  First, I assume you mean the players on Xbox 360 "paid more," not "payed more".  Second, that is simply not correct.  I paid $15 for it on sale at the Microsoft Store and the retain price is $20.  The current PC version costs $27.  So the players on Xbox 360 "payed" less, not more.  Third, the Xbox 360 version will be updated to include creative mode and most of the PC updates in time.  Fourth, in addition to what is on PC (or at least most of what is on PC), the Xbox 360 players will be receiving exclusive DLC that is not on the PC version.

The xbox version costs less than the pc one. And it will take time to get it up to the level of the pc but the xbox will never have all the mods that the pc version does so you either have to live with it or buy the pc one. Then you will have everything that you feel cheated out of.

And with all the sales of xbox minecraft so far I don't think they will even notice if a few of your friends don't buy the game.