Minecraft TU9 bug solution for Silver Members

ok first off if you are a Silver account holder and have downloaded the new MInecraft Update then your realizing you cant load any of your worlds while your connected to the internet, the temporary fix for this is to disconnect from online and you will be able to play the game as normal as if nothing were wrong, this is only a temporary fix as 4J Studio is aware of the issue and is working to fix the problem with a better solution then Silver Members having to disconnect from the internet, but for now this is the only way for you to work around the bug.


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Here is a link just stating the workaround for the bug and that 4J is aware of the problem, I know people always are asking for proof about things like this so here you go.


So you just sign out of Xbox live?

If not how do you play offline?

no you completely disconnect from the internet, you cannot be online at all.  you just disconnect your wifi or ethernet cable which ever one you use to be connected online.

when you are not connected to live you can only play the trial if you are a silver member and not load saves

^^  That is false.  You can only play the trial version of the game when offline IF and ONLY IF the license for the game isn't attached to the console you are playing it on.   So, your problem lies two-fold... 1) The "Silver" bug   2) You need to do a license transfer.

Eggnogga is correct, if you dont have the license for the game attached to your console then that is the only reason you cant do it, so transfer the license, or wait for the patch which 4J Studios is currently working on to fix this issue.