Minecraft survival, creative. TC: rainbow six vegas 2.

Hi i am looking for friends to play Mine craft survival and creative, TC: raibow six vegas 2, forza motorsport 3. borderlands. resident evil 5, halo wars.

i know most of these games are old however i prefer these games to most newer games.

Minecraft: i play survival and creative and am looking to start new worlds with builders or any adventurers or farmers, whatever your playing style. i build a lot and try to build sort of small villages however i have built lots of different things. would take to long to tell them all.

TC: rainbow six vegas 2: i play campaign and terrorist hunt and i have got one friend recently to play with however would like to get more friends who play this.

Forza motorsport 3: i play this after trying forza 4 and i do a lot of private races and would like to find a friend or two to play against. i do races and time attack on the game and have got several race cars in my small collection which is growing.

Borderlands: i play the first one even though i have tried the second one i dont yet own it. i have a lvl 69 soldier but will start a new campaign if people feel its better.

Resident evil 5: i like to play this game but have no one to play with. i know 6 is out but i havnt got that one yet or tried it and i still play this. i am not to bad at this game but do struggle a bit with harder missions where you have to button bash.

Halo wars: i dont suppose anyone plays this who likes to vs the A.I, i play against the A.I on normal and heroic and have all usefull skulls to use and a few other skulls.

i hope that someone wants to play one of these games. i play most of my free time which is at least 4 hours a day and more on weekends. i know some are old but i also know there are players out there who play older games. i am an young adult gamer with a mike and am friendly.

please message me if you are interested.


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