Minecraft: Running a Group for this game :D

Hello people that are reading my post, I am having a Group for the game and hope to see all of you in it. This Group isn't just no group it is a group were we leave nobody behind stranded out thier by themselfs building stuff that nobody can help with. What am i looking for toward people wise is  must be mature enough to handle what we say, Must help with our structures that we built, Must work as a team to get the job done, and have fun creating new things what comes into mind.

What this Group does is we will design and build many things like Hotels, Towns, Houses, and many more big Projects in the future. If you got what it takes to come and Build with us then you got heart to help.  NOBODY WILL BE LEFT BEHIND IF YOU JOIN MY GROUP.

Rules:  1. No Griefing, 2. No stealing items unless somebody gives you permission, 3. Be Kind to others and thier work, 4. Be proud of what you build and what ya mind was thinking when ya built it. Thats pretty  much it

If you want to join then leave a comment below or just send me a Friend Request.

i hope to see you in my group and WE WILL GET THE JOB DONE :D     HALOSTER2011


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2. No stealing items unless somebody gives you permission.


Contradiction, you don't ask to steal, the whole point of stealing is to take without asking.

Okay I was joshing around; I found that pretty funny reading your post, I'll gladly join up.