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Hello fellow Minecrafter's! Enjoying the game so far?

I thought it would be nice to start an Official Questions and Answers thread that beginners and even experts could go to, to have any questions answered! I will post some answers to frequently asked questions, but feel free to post a questions down below, and then somebody could answer it! We could have this whole thread filled with Q&A, which would be very helpful!

How do I gather/mine wood, dirt, stone, etc...?

To gather a resource, walk near it and center the crosshair over it. Hold down the left mouse key, which will cause you to repeatedly punch (if bare handed) or swing a tool. The targeted block will slowly grow cracks, and eventually it will disappear and a block of it will pop out. If it lands near you (and you have room in your inventory) it will automatically be picked up. The speed at which a block is mined depends on the block's durability (Sand is easier to mine than Diamond), the tool you're using (shovels dig dirt faster than Pickaxes), and the material your tool is made out of (Steel pickaxes are faster, and can mine more materials than stone pickaxes, while gold tools are the fastest of all, diamond tools are the strongest)

How do I restore my health?

You can restore your health by consuming various Food items. Alternatively, set the game difficulty to "Peaceful" and your health will automatically restore itself over time.

Is Peaceful difficulty for babies?

Nope. The "Peaceful" difficulty setting is actually pretty nice for both beginners and advanced Minecraft players. The setting disables all agressive Mobs. It also makes your health automatically restore itself over time and your hunger bar stays full. Since most of the joy in Minecraft is building things, "Peaceful" difficulty can actually allow you to focus on the best parts of the game. Also, because mobs are disabled, you won't have to worry about Creepers blowing up your creations.

However, do note that Mobs are a useful source of some rare items like Bones and Gunpowder that are otherwise unobtainable. If you play on "Peaceful" difficulty, you won't have Mobs to kill and from which to collect these materials.

Peaceful is the best thing for creators; but it's also useful for mining, farming, or just enjoying a more relaxed minecraft experience.


Please feel free to post any questions below and we can get them answered! Lets make this an easy thread for Minecraft beginners, or experts!


Here are some possible Unlockables!

Minecraft Theme: You can unlock an Xbox Live Minecraft theme by pressing Y to take a screenshot while the game is paused, then uploading that photo to Facebook.
Avatar Rewards:
  • Pork Chop T-Shirt - Cook a raw porkchop in your furnace and eat it
  • Creeper Cap - Kill a Creeper with your bow and arrows
  • Minecraft Watch - Play Minecraft for 100 day-to-night cycles

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Everybody feel free to ask questions or even add answers! :)

The first question seems...pointless, really. The tutorial will tell you that right off the bat. Also...left mouse button?

While you may find it pointless, it could help somebody else out. And as far as moust button, just a typing error. The tutorial doesn't tell you everything.

How many people can you have in one game at a time to help build something?

You can have up to 8 people in a game.

TIP: when 8 people are on the same page you get a lot done alot faster.

Very true NICCSACC666.....except my friends aren't on the same page as me all the time haha..They "Accidently" burned my house down -_-

haha i feel you.

i keep a fresh save always.

im having problems with creepers blowing the roof off my house tho since its in a hill lol i remedys that with a brick layer around it tho going to put better bricks around THOSE bricks and so on.

creepers are detrimental to your house bro.

No kidding! Lol My friend and I built our house under a huge overhang, as far as the roof goes, we left the natural landscape and filled the rest up with glass. Looks really nice, creepers only get in if we leave our doors open by accident haha.If by chance we ever got over run, I made a panic room.

Nothing better than a secret tunnel going between all three of your houses ;)


Ooops, not so secret now is it :\

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