Minecraft PvP/Survival server/Raiding/Stealing/Teamups allowed/JOIN NOWWW

Hey everyone! it's fall 2da fal here!.

Now i want to create a community here alright? I basically want some people to join me and play a server with me. On this server you may team up and do what ever you like! But i do have some rules: No duping, No griefing the ender portal/Spawn killing.

To get into my server all you gotta do is send a friend request to: fall 2da fal.

In the past i have had problems with people joining because they are from a different location that me. HOWEVER i have had some people from the us and uk join me so all are welcome! 

Just to clarify this is not a just a pvp server. The objective is to SURVIVE. But you can pvp and steal and blow up others buildings but don'y pvp (:. 


Basically the server will be up for a while each day and everyone is welcome to join and play in between then! maybe something like 5-8 hours a day so there will be some nice up time!.

But if i can't get some people to join this idea is useless.

Now i am currently offline because i am just posting some posts to get more of a player base!.

But i will receive your requests and add you from the xbox page! server will be up in an hour or so so if you add me and are still on when i get on the xbox i will invite you or what ever! but yeah!!!!

Be sure to tell your friends and add me! If you have any problems be sure to message me (:


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