Minecraft Postal service

when your friends make there houses be sure to connect rails for a chest minecart track and there ya go you can send any item to ur buddys in secs in a minecart saves alot of time walking and meeting them.....i love power rails tracks  lol


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I am always doing that lol. I love it

Yep its awesome

I do something similar to that with mining.  We'll have 3 guys down at the bedrock collecting materials, then they'd send the stuff up on a powered rail and I would smelt and put it into storage for crafting.

Has anybody thought about making a TNT cannon ranged perfectly to blast items across the map to your friends door?


Smart thinking!!!  Gonna have to go do that now!

Does this work on the 360 version? Cause minecarts usually really suck in PC multiplayer, the server lag never makes them work properly...

I just hop in my minecart and cruise up and down the rails.

So to make an effective minecart for you and friends is it simply a case of the following:

Lever/button connected by a redstone trail to the minecart power rail?

I'd just like to get it right for when I do it myself :)