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So does anyone really know any details for the Minecraft Xbox One edition.
Ign and retailers have it listed for release this month but I dont see any set dates :P Also some sites have it listed for 59.99 full price would pretty over the top since the PC version is only 20 bucks haha.

Ive also heard that if you have the 360 version you can transfer that over to X1, that would be sweet since i've bought it twice already :P


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no you cant transfer the game itself but they stated they were trying to make it so the saves copied across from the 360 to the one, and the game will most likely cost £20 or around that, the prices you see online are place holders until the price is confirmed.

Yup ^ If the price is right (UK) I look very much forward to playing it again.

I've been waiting for this to be released on the One since launch!  lol.  With (possible/probable) render and world increases, it's going to be even more of a blast to play.

Hey there

I am looking forward to the Minecraft Xbox one Edition coming out on the Xbox One, since launch. However you will not be able to transfer files between the consoles, because support said that the Xbox One uses a different file type then the 360. However I may be mistaken, or they could be Mistaken.


Anyway, I would think it will be about £10-£20 to buy from the Xbox Live Market Place.


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A friend of mine got me hooked on Minecraft last summer and its truly an enjoyable experience. Especially if you have a great imagination and you are very creative. Top that off with some other creative friends and it is very hard to put down.  This game can easily consume your soul! I cant even comprehend how many hours I have into this game or how many different worlds we have created.   We ONLY play in survival mode.  Makes it much more rewarding.

Thats cool, I dont really mind paying 20 bucks again. Stoked to see what all features they add to the X1 edition.

Kind of weird though Walmart actually is going to be selling a physical copy edition it looks like.
If the price gets changed i'd much rather to have that than digital. Linky

IGN have it listed at $20.00.  That's US dollars so anyone paying £20.00 is out of their mind.

It's also supposed to be out this month.

We'll see what we get.

It's absolutely shameful that they're charging you guys twice for this. You already bought a limited console port with promises that it would catch up to the PC version and got charged for stuff that's free on PC(skins/textures). Now they want you to buy the same game again without any kind of compensation from them. They may not be able to port your current version over but they could easily give a free copy to anyone who already purchased it on the 360.

^^  While it is in essence, the same game, this business practice is pretty much accepted by the gaming community.  Look at all of the games being released for the 360 and the One, you have to pay twice if you want them both.

^^ Also the same with games being released multi console.  For example. I bought Half life 2 for the PC, then for the xbox, then when it came out for the 360. All full price that's how much I love that game.    If you enjoy a game enough, the purchase can be justified.  Whenever I get the X1 I will re-purchase Minecraft all over again and not regret it.  

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