Minecraft Map transfer Questions

May 9th is the day we are all currently looking forward to atm. But in the mean time I thought I would try and figure a few this out. Are we aloud to transfew maps we have on pc to the xbox version if so what else are we aloud to transfer?


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Yes the spelling is messed up idk why spell check did not see them......

Doubtful. Microsoft is extremely strict when it comes to this stuff. I wouldn't expect maps / texture packs / any mods at all on the 360 version.

It was rumoured that being able to transfer Saved Levels from your PC Version to Xbox would be a feature added some time after release in May, most likely via a memory storage device.

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Not many details were given, but we were able to locate a few more pieces of information that accompany the announcement. Microsoft noted on a press release that Minecraft will “feature cross-functionality between the PC and Xbox 360 versions.” What this means, right now we don’t know. This could mean that the game and world saves will be transferable between systems, allowing players to continue their adventures no matter which platform they’re on.



A major hinderance to this would be features that are in the PC version that are not yet in the Arcade version.

Like jungle biomes, for example, and some newer block types, upside down stairs, etc.

My PC died, so the 360 version is the only hope I have to mess around with my world. I expect them to make it possible to at least get your created stuff from the PC game, it can't be hard. Just sign into your account and there it is.

If not, I'll just give up on this game. Having to dish out another $20 for this game is one thing, but not being able to get my created stuff ported over is what concerns me the most. If I can't get that, what's the point?

And it can be done, so I don't see why it's something Microsoft has problems with. I didn't even use mod packs or anything, so I kind of expect it to be possible.

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Yes the spelling is messed up idk why spell check did not see them......


Probably because aloud is a word.  But it's not the word you wanted lol

With any luck they'll update to the latest version quickly.  Jungle biome is amazing, but I can't imagine playing this game with anything earlier than the adventure update.  It's gonna feel archaic otherwise.

I dont think its going too happen. I would just be happy with  them giving us update 1.8

The thing that really concerns me is updates that include things that are part of the seed/terrain/world generation, like new biomes, strongholds and NPC villages. These kind of updates require generating a whole new world in order to see those newer features.

I loathe the idea of working on a world for weeks or months with a bunch of friends, only to have to scrap it and start all over again after a major update. I hate to do it, but it'll inevitably happen.  :(