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Ive recently purchased 1600 points and have been anxious to get a new game or two....One thing I see in the Xbox world is a mad rush for Minecraft....Unfortunaltly...Im not really sure its my cup of tea........and I have tried the demo........If Minecraft is the water in the swimming pool and dry land is the land of Xbox live...Im currently on the diving board....perhaps you Minecrafters can offer ur advice to me or even pled ur case why perhaps I may love this game...even my kids for that matter....Sometimes these trials just dont show u enough to help u make a decision.......Leave a message here or in my profile....thanks in advance to all that offer there assistance.


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Well, its $20.  You can blow that at McDonalds or grab Minecraft and play it WITH YOUR KIDS.  Its what I did.  My 12yr granddaughter wanted it.  I have to check out purchases first and once I did I was hooked too.  in fact, she gripes that I have taken over the console.  She might be right [blush].  I can't explain why b/c its not my usual game genre.  The graphics remind me of the original Wolfenstein and take me back to that time.  Its simple but its very complex too.  

Play the demo.  Its time limited and your world is reset each time but in the full game it is NOT limited and you can play levels from scratch, you start with nothing but a map and your worlds are saved.  The worlds are random and you can create many of them, and you will!  Minecraft is very re-playable, in fact its one of its strong points.  Unlike many other games that once you play through them, replaying has little allure, Minecraft is very different in this nature.

On second thought, after thinking about all the time I have lost playing...go get a burger and fries at McDonalds instead of Minecraft.  j/k

Honestly only you can decide if Minecraft it your ball of wax or not.  All I can say is pick up the controller and really play it.  If you like it, get it.  If you are even mildly entertained by the demo/tutorial, the full game will bring you hours of fun.