MineCraft Issues and Solutions

In this post I will discuss and go over all the Issues my friends and I have encountered and some of the solutions I have found for them.

The water glitch. If you pick up water with a bucket and place it down sometimes it would only show the source block for a few seconds and then vanish instead of flowing like normal. Solution for this issue is to get water from a bigger source, placing water in a different spot, or using dirt or stone/cobblestone for holding water.

Torch lighting/illuminating Issue. If torch lighting is not loading right or is just not illuminating properly just hit and replace it in same spot till lighting is working.

Tree Leaves not disappearing/no Dropping Saplings. If Leaves from tree do not disappear check to see if any wood is still between the leaves, If no wood is found then just hit one or two leaves off to active dropping saplings

Block Lag/ Deja Vu. if you are experiencing block lag or you are hitting the same block over and over and not collecting the resource then your solution for this is to wait for area to finish loading ,check your Internet connection , find out if your internet connection is restricted and fix it ,if playing offline or hosting quit and clear your Xbox360s hard drive cache and then restart your world.

That's most of the issues my friends and I have discovered and hope they will be looked at and fixed in the patch.


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my problem is when ever i choose my storage the screen gets dark then when i enter a world  it wont let me use the right joystick, how do i fix this?

Just like the last biome update, heck i believe all updates that were not bug fixes, there are going to be some bugs associated with the update. The next update will take care of all glitches anyone is experiencing . Check out minecraftforums.net for official 4j info and a place to list your bugs. Make sure you're in the Xbox section of the forums.