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Has anyone noticed the complete minecraft rip-off that just appeared on xbox live indie games? Unless it's made by the same people (which I doubt because I know for a fact there will be an official version of minecraft coming to xbox live later this year) then isn't this game breaking some kind of copyright law as the game is literally exactly the same bar a few small tweaks.


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Minecraft is a ripoff of another game. Also it doesn't violate any laws.

total miner is actually quite well done being an indie game, altho when i tried it the game took about 5 minutes to load lol. The whole design and look of it has been lifted directly from minecraft. Which game did minecraft copy out of interest?

Well, Minecraft was directly inspired by Infiniminer which was a multiplayer game that saw you digging for materials to build stuff with. That game was created by Zachary Barth who pretty much invented the "block world" genre that Minecraft,  Craftworld and Fortresscraft are all based on. Yes, Total Miner is pretty mcuh Minecraft to a tee, but then so is Craftworld. Fortress Craft will also be very alike once it gets finished.

So, in short, nah there won't be any action taken against it.

I bought it. It's fun.

Every game rips off from other games.  

I like the Fortresscraft ripoff of Minecraft.  Are the other ripoffs as bad about deleting your world? XD