Minecraft games not loading

i did move two worlds from my hard drive to the cloud save then when i put them back into my hard drive the load screen didn't show up, so i did try to put them back in the cloud save and try to load it form there and it was fine then i switched the games back on to  my hard drive , and now the two games can show the options screen but when i say launch game it wont launch i have a third world and it wasn't affected because i did load into that one fine so please tell me how to fix the worlds that way i can load them and get along with my life


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don't trust the cloud

i use cloud for all my game saves and really haven't had an issue accidentally saved to my HD one of the worlds i was in one time but it transferred fine and works as far as going back and forth too many times its possible a fragment of data was lost in the transfer not to get too technical

I'm having the same issue. except the cloud has nothing to do with it. a game will just all of a sudden not load. this really sucks on worlds i have several days of work in. does anyone know how to fix this?