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Hey does anyone want to join me on Minecraft it does get boring at times with no people to play with. :)


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It all depends on your style. I play the game solo myself for now because,

1. People let the dang Creepers in my house to many times.

2. Seem to be a lot of kiddos that play this who have not quite hit puberty.

3. I ran out of time, so I'm silver right now.

That said, the game is incredibly fun whether it be solo or online. It all just depends on who you play with and how you play the game.

add me bro

myself, i just like to play and have a good time.

Yes very true people let creepers in the house

And kids steal frome you stuff

hey ill be on all day friday im going to go ahead and get a 3 month card because im not online right now my gold ran out on the 10th...

Cool bro