Minecraft for XBOX Multiplayer Connection Error.

I just got Minecraft for the Xbox 360. And i wanted to play with my friends, and when i tried to join their multiplayer world it said "Connection Error returning to the main menu."    I tested my connection and it was successful, I have gold membership. And my friends obviously had no connection error because they had no problem getting in to the game. This error is really making me mad. Any suggestions. It is driving me insane!!!  Does anyone else have this problem?


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Im no expert but have you had this kind of problem on any other game ? If so it could be something to do with family settings. If not then all i can recommend is clear your cache and make sure your NAT type is open.

I was having this problem a few weeks ago in this game. It seemed to have fixed itself since then.

No it usually works great with other games. and what is NAT?

IT WORKED! I tried to going in and it worked. and will work for a while! :D I didnt have to do no NAT stuff. It just took time.

When you get over 3 people, and they are more than like 500 miles away the server freaks out.  Average freak out time is 15min.  Also, it appears that screaming, singing, whistling, of the voice stuff can make it lag out, and kick everyone from the party.  After a while the host will also freeze.  This is common, and occurs daily.