Minecraft for 360 Questions

Okay so Minecraft is coming to the 360 but I have some questions.


1. Will there be some kind of deal to the people that bought the PC version where they get a free code or at least a discount?

2. Will it be Kinect only?


An intelligent answer would be nice. Thanks.


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Not sure about the first part but there is no way it would be for Kinect only. That would hurt sales so much.

I'm pretty sure there will be no discount if you purchased it on PC.  Sure enough to bet money on it.  As there would be no discount if your purchased <enter name of game here> on the PC, PS3, Wii, etc, and then decide to purchase it on the 360.


As the previous poster mentioned, it's unlikely that it will be Kinect only.  That would prevent MS from capitalizing on non-Kinect users.  MS wants our money, so making it Kinect only would severely cut in on their profit margin.  


There are not many details right now, we need to wait and see.


i don't think owners of minecraft for the computer will get anything special and i hear that minecraft will not need kinect but i have a question about minecraft myself.  Will people be able to put on skins and if so how

i think that there will be a skin editor in the game or a way to choose a skin from the internet then send it to your gamertag maybe there will be free add-on packs that will give texture packs and skins then you can select them from the main menu

What's the release date of this?

Is it going to run like an FPS or...?