Minecraft Creative Map Opening soon.

I have an old creative map im gonna open up to the public soon. It has-

-An airport

-a small portion of a hotel (proof of concept)

-A Minecart station (WIP)

-A pyramid (WIP)

-A residential area, which is where people will be mainly building in

For the minecart station, I used an inverter system for the track selection. Load your minecart, and press button #1. Flip the lever up to select a track (only 1 can be up at a time or else you have a 75% chance of going to the hotel, depending on which ones you have up). Once you have the one you want flipped up, press button #2 to prpare your minecart for launch. Get in, then press button #3 to go. If there are people in line, wait until at least 3-5 seconds after launch to reset the track. Then repeat. Have fun :-) Oh, and take my 4 star strength on Crackdown for a spin :)

It will open to the public whenever im on starting on January 11th. If you are on my friends list, you have probably already seen it


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Oh, and I took the ambassador program for a spin, which is why I have that "1" next to my Forum Level. I don;t do it anymore though. So please don't ask.