Minecraft Community Looking for Active Members

If your interested in joining a no nonsense (No Griefing, No Little Kids, No Stealing) Minecraft community add me as a friend GT StillwellSteel and add that you seen this post on here, or i wont add you thinking your just some random person. were looking for new members that are open minded and arent easily offended. Please mic required, be respectful of others property, at least 16 years of age if you do not meet these simple requirements dont bother lol. you'll just get booted. any rule breaking and you get banned. its a guarantee, depending on the offense youll get a warning though. just trying to have a safe community to have fun in and you cant do that when your worried about people stealing and destroying your hard work, lol. if your serious about joining and staying and prove you can be a good responsible person, you may become a mod. not guaranteed though =P sorry if this seems like im a tight wazoo its not that way in game. i usually have pretty extensive game hours im on ALOT, we have a small hotel so you dont have to rush to build your place. We have one railway completed, another under construction one nether portal access to a end portal (when the patch comes out anyways lol) an enchanting room (full enchanting, up to lvl 30 possible) and an xp farm for skeletons. still have plenty of room for anyone wanting to build pretty much anywhere, one catch, i get to come up with your nickname on your house (itll be cool dont worry) thats about it, hope to game with you soon :) 


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