Minecraft buddies wanted

Hi all ! Have been loving minecraft a lot recently and want some players to play with am an injured soldier off work and have a lot of time on my hands lol ! Only a few friends have it but are rarely on :-( Have a nice seed going currently building a nice castle but taking ages ! Recruited my son but at 5 he only likes digging holes in everything lol.

Well add me and send a message if you wanna play and you know how it goes help me out and I'll gladly chip in to your projects !


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why do ppl have plug there sites every chances they get

back on topic if you need hand with your mineing throw me a friends invite

Making people aware that there are like minded people who want to play the same games shouldn't be a crime. Look in these forums and you will see rampant references to community gaming sites. Some are more subtle than others. Why there is a need to alienate people who run communities and are fervent xbox live enthusiasts is really pretty sad. People ask for friends and when someone responds it's frowned up. Very sad indeed. Hopefully if enforcement is going to hold to this policy they will enforce equally across the board and not just when an unfriendly ambassador takes offense to it. Just look through numerous other threads and you will clearly see other examples.  

when people reply with go to the link in my sig or what not is hijacking a topic to plug your site to me people post looking friends here not looking links it takes away form the  community here i just don't see how splitting the community off on to other sites helps the community here but that's just me and if you see ppl doing stuff you like mod/enforcement to look at report it as with the number a forums post every day they cant spot everything

PS i'm not unfriendly

Well that certainly is a much better way of expressing yourself than just complaining about it. I can accept and understand the reasoning behind that explanation. Thank you. BTW: The instances I am talking about are not very hard to spot but that's a separate issue. I have been in discussion with a moderator about this topic and it seems to be a rather "unwritten" forum rule at the moment and that new rules are hopefully forthcoming.  My apologies, it is only my intent to bring people together to play not hijack them away from the forums. I have been told that sig links are acceptable so for now I will keep mine and perhaps msg folks in private.

I NEED a group of dedicated minecraft players i will be on minecraft for along time so don't be discouraged to friend request me if you don't see me on. I'm usual on alot

Thanks for joining us for Minecraft last night Itchy. It gets a little crazy with 7-8 people all chatting and wandering about. Feel free to join us any time and especially for the Monday community event as you can see we need the help.