Minecraft Battle To Survive, Team Survival

The Idea is im wanting to make a little survival but with teams 4 vs. 4 would be great but each team build there fortress where ever they wish the thing is that the objective is to try and always kill the players on the other team to even take over there fortress if they wanted too i would love to try this out  sounds really fun just a little twist to the game since were waiting on all the updates to come out on minecraft please hit me up with a message if you wish to join, please be around my age 18+ preffered i like mature people but that like to have fun at the same time 


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sounds really cool can almost alternate this into a game of like CTF or something.

sounds like fun!

this type of game is fun but make sure you set some ground rules before you start, this type of game without structure is a disaster!

yeah its fun till someone dupes tnt and cheats

Yeah I'd be up for this as long as there is some proper ground work going into it.