Minecraft and Halo CEA & ODST Friends

These are two games that, for some reason don't have matchmaking. I need friends for these three games because they'e co-op based and recent players are not very intelligent.


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Hi, If you look around this forum, there's a few people with threads already looking for friends, You could add them, And those people that have offered to get together on Minecraft.

As for Halo CEA and ODST, Feel free to add me for the ODST game, If I'm online, I'll be happy to join you on that.

For CEA, You could try looking  here for some players to help with achievements and other general online things.

For Minecraft, You can look HERE

As an addition to the above, I forgot to give you the ODST link, You can visit HERE and there's other players looking for Co op friends.

Alright thanks for the help, now if only you could convince Microsoft to let me play Fable and Forza 2!

Add me

add me to play some campain