Minecraft 360 Worth it?

So I have Minecraft for the Mac, but honestly I kind of play it from a laptop with a small screen and I tried out the demo for the XBOX 360 and I love that crafting is so much easier. The only problem I personally have is not knowing if I will ever be able to multiplayer with other people because I hear that you need to actually play with friends? On the Mac, I'm about to put in a IP address and join different servers and play CTF with other people. I guess I want to buy Minecraft 360 but really would love the same multiplayer experience.

What do you guys think?


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Yes is true is more easy, less updated that the minecraft of the laptop or mac    but the multiplayer limit a little bit the number of players (16 max) but also you not need sign on the offisial minecraft page, you can not put commands how the laptop or Mac    and cannot instal mods.     other detail, yes, if you want to join whit someone  you most have at less 1 friend playing in that map (if the host dosen`t put the option of not admit friends of friends) or can  you are invited to play by a menssage you enter to the world directly if there even if nobody are you friend, or, you can be the host.

In a simplify for:

*not so hard to made your own server

*control  the grifers

*can also be in creative

*is easy to join

-can not upload other maps

-the host need to be avalible (if he disconect  every one out automatic)

- a 16 player max

anyway I recommend this game even if you not on multiplayer server  you can do "anything" to the world in a single player

or local if you have the HD mode

  I hope this help you

Try the demo m8 and watch gameplay videos to determine

I did try the demo and I love it. It's just as I mentioned above I would like to play online but none of my friends really play.

It's definetly worth it! The amount of microsoft points it cost me was equivalent to about NZ$26. Minecraft has gone viral:) Over 4 million purchased on xbox 360. The Minecraft Forums on xbox.com is choco-block full of posts. 2/3'rds of my friends have the game.

With multiplayer, you can play with only 8 players at a time in multiplayer (just like you can only have up to 8 pp in an xbox live party). But it's not open server. You can only play with your friends or pp who are friends with one of your friends. If you try to play with anyone else, an Xbox Dashboard message appears saying you cannot join cause your not friends with this person, or something.

There are pp who will greif your world and steal and pvp. But you can control these in Host Privelages. You can kick someone if your host, make a friend you really trust a moderator, play on survival or creative mode and switch between the two at whim. Note if you switch any world to Creative Mode, achievements for whatever map you do this to will be permanently disabled (Microsoft doesn't allow cheating in gamer score achievements).

It's cool how many Xbox Dashboard Messages/Notifications menus this game brings up. Like this game doesn't have it's own menu system!? Not complaining but it's kind of cool. Want to write something on a game sign. The Xbox Dashboard keyboard menu pops up. When Your about to kick someone out or loading a world on Creative Mode, and Xbox Dashboard message pops up. This goes to show that the game your playing is legit on your Xbox 360 console. It's also a chance to express your imagination or do whatever you want. You can control what goes on in your world and decide weather to give certain, any, or all permissions for anyone playing in YOUR created map/world or not.

The game is really popular on Xbox 360 without a doubt. Even pp old enough to be you're parents play this game:)  PS3 doesn't even have Minecraft LOL:) Which makes Xbox Live even more cooler. Plus the achievements at the start of this game are fast and easy to get!

Just get it and try it for yourself. Request you want Minecraft friends on this forum. It's not a game where you pay $50 or $100 for it. When converting Microsoft points, the game is like less than $30 in NZ/Australia/UK/US.  It's a fun game one worth playing and trying xx.

In US, I paid $20. Completely worth it. If your friends do not have it, either ask if they plan to get it, or post another forum asking for minecraft friends and players.

I just got it and yeah I love it. Even just single player. Basically because I was trying it out again on my Mac and I know that the game is bigger and with mods and all that but the truth is whenever I go to a server for PvP or something I get kicked out as soon as I die and I find that kind of frustrating. So I went ahead and bought it.

Please feel free to friend request me everyone so I can play with you and your friends because none of my friends are playing this.

I just made a Family Account . I have loved the easy contact between games. However, I do not like the idea My family must

purchase alot of downloads to make us connect.The fact I purchased an Item such as a Movie.,We all enjoy it without the

beat down these big companies try to make work in court. Why would you ever screw a customer who bought a game?

Once to the Hard drive always to the sorta same.

Also, why do I have to pay to configure from my old hard drive to the new hard drive? (cable should be included ) at least as a mail in. That may seem like Microsoft Cares.

Quoth this Raven  " Hell Yeah" !!! My weak questions abut my issues = nothing for this game.  It's like LEGO's on steroids.

It's also abides by the rules of being PG, unless you go online, and then that is up in the air.

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